Meregill Hole

P. Seddon, K. Lewis, M. Taylor & M. Woodhouse.

A good SRT trip at last. We all dived through the Mere sump which was about ten foot long, but which now has an excellent fixed line through. Another party was doing the hole on ladders, but we managed to avoid them until the I00ft. pitch where they let us abseil down as they prepared to come out. The ensuing free climbs were all entertaining especially as they were quite wet and the deep pools were always good for a laugh. The fine main drain goes on for a couple of thousand feet of easy & enjoyable going, & Mike & myself left Keith & Paul to reach the sump. We then went up into Torrent Passage again large to begin with , but eventually lowering to a horrible flat out crawl in the stream. We seemed to struggle up this for ages, until we reached a branch, where Paul took the right hand passage. The rest of us waited coldly for several minutes & then departed for Crossover Passage which Paul had assured us was a great passage. Typical Sedbo, itís a narrow & grotty place & everyone except Paul was glad when we got into the proper stuff once more. Mike & myself followed one another up the pitches, leaving Keith & Paul to de-tackle, but we did haul the tackle up the first underground pitch for them. Back out through the sump where we revelled in putting SRT gear on in waist deep water. We arrived at the Hill Inn at about 8 p.m., to find an irate Alec having liquid consolation, as he had had to have at dinner time also, because he had chosen to have a fester in accordance with the H.C.C. constitution. Rumours now have it he is thinking of purchasing Petzl & Brew SRT gear.

M. Woodhouse.



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