Pool Sink – Act 2

Intrepid Explorers:- P. Llewellyn, G. Leach.                                          .                                                                           Tourists:-                   D. Crellin, R. Hill.                                                                                                 .                                                                                  The Novice:-              H. St.Lawrence.

Andy tried to talk me into going to Car Pot with him - not likely. Andy & co, leave by 10:30. ( Is this a record) Frank, Harry & Bill Holden arrive at 11.00 and are given the appropriate directions and are dispatched. At about 11.30, Pete & Gill arrive with a poverty-stricken novice. (Says he wants to go potholing – wants to see formations, etc, etc.) Pete wants to look at the inlet near Holbeck again. So we go to the tackle  store, to find nothing but 50 foot ladders - so with 4 x 50ft. ladders we set off for Pool Sink. At the bottom of the 50, Pete decides to commit Hari-kari with a chisel. “What are you doing, Pete ?”, “Bloody light keeps flickering on & off.” The top of his battery case was wrenched off and the offending connection put right. We’re off again - Pete, Bob & myself reached the dig and waited for the other two, & waited & waited. Eventually I went back to see where they were. It seems Hugh had taken it upon himself to get lost with David. Back at the dig Pete was inserted into the passage & there was much banging & crashing of lump-hammers. Hugh decided there was more room in the bottom of the passage, so I followed him in, overtaking Pete who was still knocking large lumps off above us. However we were soon stopped by a large boulder on a double bend. Bob & David decided they had had enough and went out. Then from the other direction come lights & voices. “Is this the way to Easter Grotto?.Er, no not quite.” As we had talked of another dig in that area, we escorted the group of four ( later reluctantly admitting to be from U.L.S..A.) up Thackeray’s to the climb up. While Pete & I were groveling in a particularly nasty boulder choke, Hugh had ferreted his way into a small tube going off under a flake. With much gasping & cor-ing, Hugh exited, gibbering of fantastic formations in a beautiful grotto. Pete went in rapidly followed by myself. At the top of a massive flowstone was a passage going off with a solid calcite floor, reminiscent of the crawl from Gypsum to Easter Grotto, only larger & filled, with formations. Pete quickly reached the previous limit of exploration, about 20 feet on we came to several, perfect crystal pools which had to be carefully negotiated by our mud-clad bodies through a doorway of two large stals. Alas by this time many straws were damaged. Several times Pete would not carry on until I had seen the perfect formations.

Eventually we reached a false floor blocking the passage, although we could for fifteen feet further on. we decided not to carry on until it had been photographed. After totally dismissing the possibility of calling it “Llewellyn’s Delight”, we thought we would call, it “Jim wasn’t there”.
Back at the Assembly Hall we met the U.L.S.A. four again, for whom did shine a light on for their descent from Easter Grotto.

On the way out Pete decided he was going to get his revenge for the previous weeks soaking, but cunning me, I climbed the ladder with my light off. (.I know it’s not very cunning, but it fooled Pete.) Hugh wasn’t paying attention & nearly got washed back to T-piece pitch.  We exited to find a very murky, misty fell. Back at the farm, we found what was left of the thin mans team (Andy).
“Did you get down then?” “No, too wet - what did you do?”  “O, we took a novice on a tour of Easegill Caverns.”  “Do you think he’ll come again?“. “Don’t know - says it could interfere with his social life.”

G. Leach

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