Rift Pot – Long Kin East

The Yo-Yo Team:-       K. Lewis, P. Seddon, M Woodhouse & A Hall                                                      .                            The Professionals:-    P Llewel1yn,  J.  Newtin, S. Terry F. Hardy, B. Holden, F. Croll & B. Redpath.                       Surface Support. :-      Peter Muckalt & female entourage.

After the usual initial problem finding the entrance to Rift Pot, a splinter group of Pete; Jim, Frank & Steve descended Long Kin East Cave, & after a couple of small pitches, met up with the others at the top of Rift Pot big pitch.

The rest had abseiled down Rift entrance pitch incidentally leaving brand new tackle strewn around the moor. Their idea had been to SRT the hole completely & it was only the intervention of Jim & Frank –“Ladders on all club trips remember, lads” etc. that thwarted Keith’s plans. Later when Keith stood amongst the loose stones on the big boulder jammed across the rift which is the take off point for the 180ft. pitch he changed his mind. However being true to his SRT cause (or useless on ladders), decided to go out with his colleagues & do Jockey Hole instead.

Meanwhile the rest of us were running up & down the big pitch in fine sty1e. I found the pitch to be magnificent, even lonely, free hanging, vertical world of space with a thin silver ribbon of ladder swinging gently below the darkness, and was thankful for the taut reassurance of the lifeline to keep reality. (Oh hell, Hugh’s got them all at it now. Ed.)

Andy, Frank, Bil1 & Steve went out of Long Kin East leaving the rest of us to de-tackle Rift. This was not so easy as Keith & co. had not thought to put a double 1ine down after they had. --- er --- decided to do something different, and went out, After a relatively short wait, with much cursing from Jim, Andy’s party lined us up once they  had come out of Long Kin Cave. –


We are still awaiting the account of the visit to the entrance of Jockey Hole.

P.  D. Llewellyn.


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