Pool Sink   -   26th. February 1970

Party:-    K. Lewis, P, McDade & M. Woodhouse.

Keith had ageed to take me up to Magpie Grotto on a photographic trip & we would then proceed downstream to take photos on the pitches. Barry was enlisted to pose for us and also to sherpa.
We set off from the farm about mid-day and soon arrived at the hole. Keith crawled off in front, followed by Barry, then myself. Apart from a bit of stuck leg trouble from Keith at the double bend, we made unhampered progress to the first pitch.

At this point Jim, Bob & Dave arrived so we left them to tackle up the downstream route while we squirmed upstream to the grotto. We spent about half an hour photographing there & then traversed up in the roof to some fine untouched formations. The next pitch we reached was ridiculously wet & there was no way any of us could avoid a thorough soaking. The third & fourth pitches weren’t much better, although with a bit of swinging about on the ladder you could keep out of the full force of the water.
Keith & myself now wanted to take photos of Barry climbing the pitches, so ho was given instructions and was about to set off, when I skillfully kicked my flashgun over a ledge into the booming streamway. After groveling on my hands & knees for a few minutes in an icy pool I found it. Unfortunately, very wet and minus an important bit. Thus disarmed and not being able to flash (Oh yes. Ed.), I hoped Keith wouldn’t ask me to pose on the ladders for him. Luckily, I was spared the ordeal. By the time we reached the second pitch, Baz was pigged off with climbing wet pitches, so we re-rigged it on a drier hang. No problems on the first pitch, but when Baz got to the entrance & started shouting about the amount of water rushing right past our front door & Keith decided to take it nice & steady through the bends in the crawl, I began to wish I wasn’t so hopelessly marooned behind him.

Nevertheless, we got out O.K. & marveled at the way the gill had risen in such a few hours. The fact that Jim was didn’t seem to cause too much concern, for as Keith said, “If it floss, he’ll have to come out of bloody County, won’t he?’. Hope you made it O.K. Jim,

M. Woodhouse



Yes we were O.K. & thanks for re-hanging the second pitch. I must admit feeling a bit perturbed when we saw the 50 running with water. Incidentally I shared your worry in the entrance tube, stuck behind Dave & hearing the loud drumming of the flood water, not too far away. Certainly good for the bowels.

J .H. Newton.

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