Lost Johns – 18th. Dec. 1977

PARTY:-  Ladder Climbers :-- J. Newton H. St. Lawrence, J. Wilkinson, M. Doran, S. Green & P. Llewellyn.

Ladder Climbers/Abseilers:-    W. Holden & F. Hardy.                                       .        

S.R.T.’ers:-     P. McDade, M. Woodhouse, A. Hall & C. Wilcox.

K. Lewis said he had inadvertently forgotten his S.R.T equipment and was unable to come.
I like Lost Johns, What a great place, quite big pitches, small pitches, free climbs, traversing, water, noise, exciting positions and a master cave, all good stuff and only 20 feet of crawling in virtually the whole place. Magic!                                                         .                                                                         Certainly the bookings for Lost Johns show that many other people enjoy it as well, as it is already fully booked at the weekends until wll into the autumn, Those that are either incapable or don’t like climbing ladders decided to do the Centipede route on ropes, and the rest of us to descend No.2 Hole & do the Dome, Pulpit route. However an unintentional diversion at Dome investigating an alternative way after an unfortunate incident when tackle was inadvertently dropped down an innocent looking hole in the floor by someone who shall remain nameless (Quite right. Ed.) We now know there is an alternative descent of 25 feet & 40 feet, the 40 starting half way down Dome chamber. This time I was pleased to see no rope had been left on No 2 Hole by those who had difficulty on this very easy free climb. (See my last article on Lost Johns where a rope was left here, making us short of tackle further on.) However we were once more short of tackle, this time due to a miscalculation by our tackle master who for some reason thought one 120 foot rope would do for a fixed line on the traverse, double line the 30 & the 70 foot pitches! What a cock up!

Still with the help of an S.R.T. rope everyone was able to get down to the Master Cave where a quick run down to the sump & back was made. Everyone that is except Andy who the previous weekend had dropped a gearbox on his foot, breaking his big toe. (This man is accident prone & has nearly set my house on fire) He found the pressure on his foot was too much for the climb along  the stemple traverse & went out on his own.

As usual Hugh & myself were left to de-tackle & carry most of the tackle out, as well, as in. Bill Holden can be excused for rushing out as his wife Jenny was imminently expecting a child. (I’m glad to see he had his priorities right & still went caving.) I believe that Jenny gave birth later that night to a 71b. 1oz, boy. Perhaps they’ll call him John. I would congratulate Bill but I am told the fathers part in making a baby is not very difficult. So instead I offer my congratulations to Jenny.’

P. Llewellyn.

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