Long Kin West

Party:- A. Hall & C. Wilcox,

Eventually after much talking & plenty of excuses a trip down Long Kin West actually came off, but not without a lot of bother. Andy & I arrived at Newby Moss (via Bernies) and after changing outside the car in really miserable conditions, discovered that my helmet & light were back at the hut. Three quarters of an hour later we were back, with the mornings enthusiasm just starting to wane. Walking up to the hole was none to easy, probably something to do with New Year, and finding it was even worse but after an hour of searching the fell it appeared, a most awesome black hole. Let a few rocks go — listened — then began to think it wasn’t such a good idea after all, Then the rope tangled, which upset Andy somewhat but after much messing the rope eventually made it down the hole.

The 300 foot shaft provides a fine abseil landing on a pile of sheep bones & junk at the bottom. A short l5 foot pitch follows which is awkward at the top & quite wet. Andy, on Keith’s advice, was in dry kit & got rather damp. (Keith has probably heard about that already.) A short wet grovel over some boulders reaches three holes in the floor & the centre one gives a split descent of 30-130 & 20 feet to land in a small, wet chamber with a boulder slope leading down to a choke. Not a very inspiring place, so it was back off out. About half-way up the 300 foot, I decided to get some rope walkers as the “Monkey-on-a-stick” prussiking method wasn’t working very well. Andy on the other hand was busily wearing through one of his foot loops, but despite everything he exited reasonably quickly. Not the place to go very often, but well worth it once in a while.

C .Wilcox.


( Ed.   If three short stories are a Trilogy are two a Biology? )

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