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Meets Reports: 1946-1959 (Typed and hand written)  
Black Ring Binder 1: The discovery of Lancaster Hole: 13 pages
(29th. September 1946 to 8th. December 1946)
Easegill: 13th. November 1955 1 page
hand written Extact from club journal: August 14th. 1941 (Sulber Pot) 2 pages
(presumably from Bury Cave and Pothole Club Journal)
The Bury Times - Wednesday - October 15th. 1941 3 pages
"Inverted Alpinism" gives them their thrills: Bury men's pasttime is exploiting subterranean passages
Gingling Hole, Fountains Fell: 22nd. August 1954 2 pages
Bar Pot, 12th. September 1954 2 pages
Long Kin west, 24th. October 1954
Gaping Gill, 14th. November 1954 4 pages
grouped together Easegill, 2nd. Jan. 1955 18 pages
Marble Steps, 9th. Jan. 1955
Car Pot 2.
Notts Pot
Rowton Pot, 24th. April 1955
Nick Pot (3rd. Attempt), 26th. June 1955
Meregill, 14th. August 1955 2 pages
Ye conqueste of ye awsome gulphe Meregille, 21st. August 1955 2 pages
Alum-Diccan, Diccan-Alum, August 30th. 1955 2 pages
Flood Exit (Wot again), 24th. Oct. 1955 2 pages
Car Pot. 1 page
Car Pot, January 1956 4 pages
Dot's account of the Car Pot Saga 1 page
Rumbling Hole, March 3rd. 1956 2 pages
A.G. or Grange Rigg, March 11th. 1956 3 pages
Notts Pot, March 24th 2 pages
Penyghent Pot, A week before - also one or two days before:-
April Fools Day 1956
Penyghent Pot (D.P.), Final assult and deladdering, 22nd. April 1956 4 pages
The day art assulted Penyghent Pot or 5 sheets
There's a shortage of paper in our house (typed on toilet paper)
Marble Steps, 19/8/56 5 pages
Cow Pot 1st. Trip, 1959 4 pages
Notts Pot, 1st. Feb. 1959 2 pages
Rosebay Pot Meet, 1st. March 1959 2 pages
Black Ring Binder 2: Photographs, Easegill. 1. Ronald Bliss, Brian Clarkson. 1 page
2. Nancy Dilling, Ronald Bliss
Gavel Pot Part I, 23rd. August 1953 - Jim Eyre 1 page
Disappointment Pot, Sunday 28th. June 1953 - Jim Eyre 3 pages
Gavel Pot Part II, 30th. August 1953 - Jim Eyre 2 pages
Gavel Pot Part III, 6th. September 1953 - Jim Eyre 1 page
LostJohns System, 1 The attack, Sunday 13th. September 1953 - Nancy Dilling 2 pages
Photographs, The Gospel Makers: 1 page
Harry Stevens, Shirley Stevens, Nancy Dilling, Brian Clarkson
The Eleven that went to Heaven
Lost Johns System II Skirmishing, 20th. September 1953 - Nancy Dilling 1 page
Lost Johns System III Victory and Retreat, Sunday 27th. September 1953 - Nancy Dilling 1 page
Photograph, Boo!, Nancy Dilling, Shirley Stevens (1953) 1 page
Sell Gill, Sunday 11th. October 1953 - Nancy Dilling 1 page
Photograph, Committee Pot: "Little sticks ofmatchwood, little bits of string, 1 page
made this solid structure - no one said a thing!"
Photograph, Committee Pot: "The pit that was digged" 1 page
Committee Pot, Sunday 18th. October 1953 - Sunday 1st. November 1953 - Jim Eyre 4 pages
Report from Lancaster Hole Party, Sunday 1st. November 1953 - Ray Barker 1 page
Photograph, 1. Chorus and beginners please!, Shooting Hut Leck Fell 1 page
2. Jam session
Leck Fell and Lancaster Hole, Sunday 1st. November 1953 - Nancy Dilling 1 page
Photographs, The Secretary Ronald Bliss, 2. Nancy Dilling, Peter Bateson 1 page
The Red Rose Annual Dinner, Saturday 19th. December 1953 - Nancy Dilling 2 pages
Photograph, Jim Eyre in a stupar Red Rose Dinner 1953 1 page
Photographs, Red Rose Annual Dinner 19th. December 1953 2 pages
Committee Pot: Bulletin No.5, Sunday 15th. November 1953 - Bill Leyland 2 pages
Alum Pot, 1st. January 1954 1 page
Photographs, 1. Clapham Cave, 2. The Gothic Arches, 3. Sword of Damacles, 3 pages
Cartoon, Notts Pot, Bill- Kicking down an icicle which was dangling over his head 1 page
Notts Pot, 14th. February 1954 -Jim Eyre 4 pages
Photographs, 1. Rose, 2. Anyone got a knife, 1 page
The rabbit goes round the bend and down the hole!
Great Douk Cave, Sunday 14th. Feb. 1954 2 pages
Marble Steps Meet, 14th. March 1954 3 pages
or How we did 7/8 of Jinhgling Hole Kingsdakle
Pippikin Pot, March 21st. 1954 4 pages
Bull Pot, 28th. March 1954 3 pages
Quaking Pot Meet, 4th. April 1954 3 pages
Cow Pot, 12th. April 1954 6 pages
Derbyshire Meet, Easter 1954 6 pages
Jockey Pot Meet, 1 3 pages
Meregill Meet (Jockey Pot 2) 3 pages
Nettle Pot, V.D.P. 2 pages
Nick Pot, Chapter 1 - "Face to Face" 3 pages
Nick Pot 2 - (The Shambles), 16th. May 4 pages
Whitsun Camp 1954 3 pages
Stream Passage Meet 3 pages
Potholers Ray and Mike 2, Sun. 20th. June 1954 2 pages
King Pot, 27th. June 1954 2 pages
Bull Pot of the Witches, potholing in 2 easy lessons. 3 pages
Lesson 1 'Suicide' - Go with Ray - Ron Penhale
Rowton Pot vdp, 14th. August 1954 3 pages
Other Early Caving Trip Reports by:  
J. Eyre: Lost Johns on Rope Ladders: 1953 4 pages
- a transcript from one of Jim Eyre's early diaries
Report on Lancaster Cavern Work Party: April 27th.1947
- with survey of Giant Chamber
- Hand written carbon copy to E. Simpson and Mr Cornes.
- Present: A. Gemmel, Harris and friend, B. Taylor, R.D. Leakey
including survey of Giants Cavern, Lancaster Cavern (1947)
also listed in "Archive Material" letters and other documents section: letters
R. W. Taylor:
The discovery and Descent of Lancaster Hole
Various: 1952-1953. including survey of Smokey Hole.
Easegill: 13th. November 1955
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