The first full survey of Ease Gill Caverns appeared in the1960's and was produced by Peter Ashmead It was published as a CRG Transactions in 1967 (Vol.9 No. 2) and has long been out of print. A resurvey has been needed for some time.

The re-survey project was started by FRANK ADDIS and the NORTH MANCHESTER CAVING CLUB in the early 1980's, and much work was done before Frank emigrated to Spain in 1989.
The notes were left with JIM EYRE who passed them on to THE RED ROSE on the condition that the re-survey was finnished off. This now forms part of the Ease Gill Project
The first sheet of the new survey (Sheet 1-Lancaster Hole) was published in 2001 and the second was published in October 2003.
Sheet 3was published in September 2006. See link to UK longest and deepest list. See link

It was fortunate that Frank had kept meticulous recorts and sketches, although we found great difficulty getting all the data to connect up. It was only after extensive surface survey work that we realised that the available co-ordinates for the entrances were a little suspect to say the least. On re-fixing the entrances with the new data then everything became a little clearer and work on the rest of the system could continue.

We recently did some highly acurate levelling work from the Trig Point on top of Barbon Low Fell across Casterton Fell via Lancaster Hole and on to Leck Fell. All the entrances have been located using GPS as well.

The photo shows surveying taking place on the summit of Barbon Low Fell with Crag Hill Trig Point in the background

All the entrances and many of the original underground photographs have now been replaced with yellow tags to aid accuracy, these are actually COW TAGS which can be obtained from farmers' merchants and have proved very succesful.
The club is now working on the links to LECK FELL and there is plenty of work to do if anyone out there would like assist.
The survey has been drawn up using the software developed by OLLY BETTS and 'WOOKEY' called SURVEX

See link to Cave Surveying Group


April 2005

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Many members of The Red Rose have helped with the re-survey, too many to mention here, but if you would like to help you please contact us.
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