In 2003 access to the Magic Roundabout Series is best gained via Arson Shaft. An obscure window into this shaft, is found on the south side of the main Ease Gill Caverns HIGH LEVEL ROUTE upstream of Stake Pot, between the start of the Stake Pot Series and Bobs Boss. The window into Arson Shaft is some 17m up from its base and 26m below the pitch head and has currently been temporarily rigged, to enable the resurvey.

At the base of the shaft, a series of muddy tunnels form part of the Stake Pot Inlet Series. described above. They link Bob's Boss with the Master Cave at Stake Pot and a route through to Barlick New Road in the Stake Pot Series. At the head of Arson Shaft is a slit and a 5m deep blind pit, above are two further pitches up into 'The Old Kent Road'. This begins as a well decorated traverse at roof level above a deep narrow trench. A junction (1) is soon reached, to the right is an awkward passage leading to the Chocolate Box. Beyond the Chocolate Box a climb up into bedding plane leads to a tight squeeze followed by 40 metres of well decorated passage, Quality Street. This ends at a too tight bedding above a calcite choke. Back at (1) straight ahead is the main route, briefly flat out but soon enlarges to hands and knees at a sharp right hand turn. Partway along this crawl is a tube off to the right, this connects with the passage heading to the Chocolate Box.
The main crawl soon emerges on a balcony above an 11m pitch. Across the abyss at the pitch head is a spectacular and serious traverse, which leads to the Pristine Way, which is beautifully decorated (care!) and ends in a draughting calcite choke, and is heading towards Razor Aven in the Stake Pot Series.

Below the 11m pitch pleasant crawling soon leads to a series of cascades, to the head of Aquarius Pot, 22m deep. From a ledge some 18m down this pitch, a climb up leads to a 8m pitch down, past a small aven a long and narrow rift passage leads off and becomes the roof of Brass Monkey Passage although there is no physical connection. At the base of Aquarius Pot walking soon degenerates into crawling and after 91m the final 9m pitch is met. The water drops down an impenetrable fissure and a traverse leads to one of two alternative pitch heads. The first is tight and awkward and is down two 4m drops. However, further traversing leads to a larger 9m pitch. Traversing over the pitches leads to a continuing crawl, past two floor slots to end at a 7m deep pitch into a chamber. Below the 9m pitch pleasant going leads past a large fossil passage at a higher level, but heading on downstream emerges out of an obscure inlet into the Lancaster Hole Main Drain just upstream of the Stake Pot boulder choke. See Stake Pot Inlet Series.

R.R.C.P.C. 2003