A climb up in the roof of the PIPPIKIN STREAMWAY choke and a crawl along a muddy passage to emerge in the roof of the canyon passage of LECK FELL LANE.Upstream is an abrupt choke, but a climb up on the right leads to a bedding plane crawl, aven and the fine rift passage of the MISTY MOUNTAIN SERIES. 91 metres before the end of the passage a series of fine climbs enter avens floored with flowstone. At the original end of the MISTY MOUNTAIN SERIES a 3m climb is followed by a tight squeeze into BASTARD CRAWL. After several awkward bends the crawl breaks out at BIRTHDAY AVEN which has been scaled for 5m to low wet muddy progress in THE BIG MEAN PORRIDGE MACHINE. A series of climbs and crawls follows. The passage eventually enlarges into a rift and a climb up through boulders and another squeeze to a further crawl emerges in CIGALERE well above the GRAND CASCADE on a ledge halfway up a waterfall. Close to the junction with Cigalare on the left hand wall is the tight entrance to Beelzebub's Hairy Ringpeice followed by a hands and knees crawl followed by several other very tight squeezes and awkward corners to a 2.5 metre climb down. More awkward passage continues for over 100m to the left and ends in a small chamber.

Down LECK FELL LANE the CIGALERE water enters a noisy cascade and flows into the choke beneath a way upwards into the impressive gloom of the HALL of THE MOUNTAIN KING

The CIGALERE begins as a series of refreshing cascades and potholes to rapids and a rough crawl. Suddenly the floor drops into a deep canal, beyond which lies the impressive GRAND CASCADE. the 18m waterfall is best scaled in two sections. The succeeding passage is again well supplied with rushing water. To the left 152m of well decorated dry passage, Smashing Inlet, contains a loose traverse and leads to BY GEORGE POT.

Straight ahead in the main stream is a superb little climb up into a gothic streamway which leads after 183m to a chamber and further waterfalls.At a fine rift chamber the stream splits, part falling from a high bedding plane and the rest spilling out from a shelf. The latter may be followed through a decorated chamber to cascades into a rocky crawl. After a long oxbow the streamway gradually diminishes in size as it splits into smaller passages.

R.R.C.P.C. 2013