Howgill Sink

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The short article below was printed in Descent No.12 1970.
A 'no names' style of seems to have been the fashion at that time. so the RRCP author is unknown.


Howgill Sink, Easegill, was first discovered by the Red Rose Cave and Pothole Club on January 4th. of this year, when It was but a fist-size hole blowing a strong draught and in a non-active condition. Since then the sink hag provided Red Rose with an extensive exercise in digging - and a new cave.

On January 11th, the stream was diverted into the enlarged hole. The dig began in a small fissure, but when the dam was being removed to test the capacity of the sink, the stream sank under the dam.

The dig proceeded, and an 'offending boulder' blasted away. That same day almost saw success when one of the party nearly reached what is now the first squeeze. In late February, a dye test was carried out at the sink.  Though a generous quantity was used, an investigation of Lancaster Hole Master Cave below Oxbow Corner showed no results.

Success came on March 1st. when the diggers, with the assistance of the Happy Wanderers Pothole Club, squeezed their way to a large chamber. New digging areas were obvious in Consortium Cavern, where the stream could be heard below. Early work here was limited, though, the attention being diverted to opening up the squeezes in the entrance to allow the 'heavies' to reach the new digging area.

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