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Sheet 1: LANCASTER HOLE (2nd. Edition) NOW PUBLISHED! - £7.50

Scale 1:750 (size approx. A1) TWO COLOUR including 24 page companion guide

also available

Sheet 2: LANCASTER HOLE: Stake Pot to Oxbow Corner - £5.00

NOW SOLD OUT - awaiting Re-Print

Scale at 1:750 (size approx. A1) TWO COLOUR including 20 page companion guide

Sheet 3: COUNTY POT: Wretched Rabbit and Snail Cavern to Holbeck Junction - £7.50

Scale at 1:750 (size approx. A1) TWO COLOUR including 44 page companion guide

also: a special sheet


Enlarged Scale of 1:200 for better clarity (size approx A1 )


All 4 in this series of surveys and companion guides are available from:- "Bernies Caving Shop" and "Inglesport" - both in Ingleton, North Yorkshire UK

or direct from:- RRCPC, 7 Broadacre, Caton, Lancaster. LA2 9NF

(please add £1 for post + packing or ... £2 if surveys posted in a roll)

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Newsletter: Vol. 47 No. 1 (May 2010)

News-Sheet: No. 254: (July 2010)

For the latest club news-sheet mambers may click on the "NEWSSHEET" link on web page left hand panel

Journal: No. 10 (1993-2009): (December 2009)

Available from the editor or librarian at £20 + £5 postage


Journal 10 (1993-2009)

Editorial, The Early Days of the Red Rose Cave and Pothole Club

WHARFEDALE: Mossdale Caverns - In Search of Gripper's Rift, Stukbar Pot Langstrothdale.

GRETADALE: Jinglepot Hole

FOUNTAINS FELL and PENYGHENT: Echo Pot - Far Away in Time, Other work on Fountains Fell, Penyghent Pot - Kaboom Aven, Penyghent Pot - Interdiction, Penyghent Pot - Eerie Pot, Penyghent Pot - Too Long Gone.

INGLEBOROUGH: Work in Gaping Gill, Dowlass Moss, Five Ways Pot, Fulcrum Pot, Loose Pot, Stock Pot, Trapdoor Pot, Boggarts Roaring Holes, Gritstone Sink, Mudfoot Hole, Canary Pot, Minor Digs and Caves, Dowlass Summary, Jenkin Beck Cave, Goesunder Pot - White Scars, Ten Pound Gill - Jane Eyre?, Bilberry Pot - Chapel-le-Dale, Black Slither Pot, Double Bucket Pot and Tin Pot Two.

RIBBLEHEAD: Ribblehead Dig, Blea Moor Cave.

SCALES MOOR and EAST KINGSDALE: OS Pot, Crescent Pot, Various, Brown Hill Pot - Par Dessus.

WEST KINGSDALE and MARBLE STEPS: Green Laids Pot (McShea's Mine), Marble Steps Pot, Rift Pot - Temple of Doom Series, Tow Scar Cave.


Ireby Fell Cavern. East Inlet, True Grit, Glory Holes, The Glory Holes - Cripple Creek, a dry route into Ireby II, North East Inlet and Adulterer's Passage, The Bolton Extensions, The Story of Bubbles.

Notts II. A Dry Way In, Committee Pot Breakthrough Dig, Passchendaele Area, Inlet 7, Oliver Lloyd Aven, The Truth about Voldemort Hole, Showerbath Inlet, Green Tape Inlet Aven Extension, Hard Enough in Notts II, Brown Trousers in Inlet 14.

Lost John's. Tantrum Aven, Work in Boxhead Pot, Short Long Drop Cave, Caving Sans Le Welly.

Pippikin Pot. The Exploration of Smashing Inlet and Bye George Pot, Beelzebub's Hairy Ringpiece - Entering the Devil's Arsehole, The Big Mean Porridge Machine, Svengland, Further work in the Misty Mountain Series, Electric Winegum (I and II), Red Wall Chamber, Bargain Passage, The Hobbit, Muddier than Mud Itself,Far Streamway.

Link Pot. Rose Tinted Passage,Echo Crawl - 'Wrestling Alligator', Misery Street, D'oh Hole and Previously Enjoyed Hole.


The Dark Side of The Grind, A Grand Day Out: Gaping Gill Main Shaft, Leck Beck Head East Flood Rising, Boulder Cave Extension, Lower Kirk Cave 6 - Ease Gill, Mir Hole, Old Holborn Cave, Saint George's Cave, Second Best Hole, Cow Dubs Two, Cliff Cave and Howgill Sink,Top Sink.

Boundary Pot. Savages Bypass - an alternative to the Bar Steward's Passage,Boxing Day Aven, Gimli's Glee, Bar Steward's Passage Left Hand Upstream Inlets, Inlets below Savages Bypass ladder pitch, Pickwick Pot, Thackray's Passage Oxbow

Borehole. Finger Slitting Good Passage / Blissful Aven, Galaxy Passage.

Pool Sink. The Baby Feeder, Craven PC 1980 Extension revisited, Anemolite Junction, right hand branch Wretched Rabbit Area. Wretched Rabbit Passage, Dreamweaver, Upstairs Downstairs, The Three-Pronged Attack - Trident, Two New Entrances to Ease Gill,

Lancaster Hole and Cow Pot. Breakdown Cavern, Main Drain, The Subway, EarSeries, Hemmingway Hall Extension, Saturday Afternoon Series, Handles for Forks? Right to Roam Traverse, The Slug-World Retro Diary 1997 to 2000, Shorty Hole, Cow Pot to Aardvark Country,The B.S.A. Extensions in Cow Pot, Cow Pot Entrance Training Route, Woodhouse Way.

Bull Pot of the Witches. Burnett's Great Cavern, Snakes and Ladders, Kerplunk Inlet, North Chamber Extension, Downstream Sump - My First Dig,

Others: Top Tip, Bull Pot - Aygill - Barbondale, Casterton Pot, Herbert's Hole, Kirtle Pot (Rollerball), Our Lady's Cave, Aygill Caverns, A Day Out in Aygill Caverns - observations and hypotheses, The Stockdales of Bullpot Farm.

BARBONDALE: The Churns, Porthole, Bucket-on-the-Head, Battery-on-the-Head, Dog Hole, Barkin Mad Cave, Brittannia Cave, Strike Cave, Spider Cave, Sig Pot, Hanging Pot, Barbondale Water Tracing.

OTHER AREAS: Silence of the Lambs, Dentdale, Bluecaster Fell Area, Haverbrack Bank Pot (Dog Hole), Red Rose Abroad, Seeking Sieben Hengste's Bottom Entrance.

STOP PRESS: Vein Pot, The Allotment. Redhead Rift Series, Stake Pot Series, This Side of the Gill, Casterton Fell. Sunnycrest, Casterton Fell. Javelin Hole, Casterton Fell. Dragon Hole, Ease Gill. Dunald Mill Hole, Morecambe Bay Area. Sunset Hole, Chapel le Dale. Howgill Sink, Ease Gill. Main Line Terminus, Ease Gill Caverns. Gale Garth Pot, Casterton Fell. Hazel Sike Sink and Flake Pot, Casterton Fell. Blythe Hole, Ease Gill. Bramble Hole, Ease Gill. Moral Highchair Hole, Casterton Fell. Blackmoss Pot, Wild Boar Fell. Knucklebone Pot, Upper Wharfedale. Fox Scar Sink, Great Whernside. Bolton Schoolgirls Cave, Giggleswick. Quaking Pot. Maple Leaf Dig and Diamond Hall, Lancaster Hole. The Bucket Mine area, near Gour Hall. Whittle Cave, Ease Gill. Lost Marbles Pot, Marble Steps, Steps Pot, Marble Steps. Eye Hole, Leck Fell. Fester's Passage, above The Incredibles, Notts II. Count Lazlo Stroganoff's Aven Area, Notts II. Echo Inlet, Notts II. Rumbling Beck Cave, Leck Fell. The Dead Bobbin Series, Rumbling Hole, Leck Fell. Bumbling Hole, Leck Fell. Ireby 0.5, Ireby Fell. Ireby Fell Cavern, Skylight Passage. Ireby Fell Cavern, Blissful Creek, Uranus Crawl and Upstream Waterfall Passage. Smokeless Hole, Leck Fell.

At Rear of Journal: as separate sheets: Trapdoor Pot, Boggarts Roaring Holes, Ireby Fell Caverns, Bucket on the Head, Canary Pot, Mudfoot Hole






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Other Caving Club's publications recently received:

* (denotes donated)

British Caving Association:

Newsletter No. 13 (June 20010

Handbook 2010-2011.

British Cave Research Association:

News (Now incorporated into BCA Newsletter)

Cave Radio & Electronics Group - Journal No. 73 (March 2010)

Speleology: No. 15 (July 2010)

Cave Studies Series No. 18 - Eli Simpson and the BSA (2009)

British Mountaineering Council:

Summit 53 (Spring 2009)

Members Handbook (2009)

Cave Diving Group:

Newsletter Nos. 176 ( July 2010)

Cave Rescue Organisation:

Rescue 2009

Chelsea Speleological Society:

Newsletter: Vol. 52 No. 7. (July 2010)

Craven Pothole Club:

Record No. 99 (July 2010)

Derbyshire Caver:

Newsletter: No. 130 (Winter 2009)

Descent Magazine:

No. 214 ( June/July 2010 )

Grampian Speleological Group:

Bulletin - fourth series Vol. 4 No. 3 (March 2010)

Gritstone Club:

* Journal: 1963, 1972, 1992, 1997, 2004.

Grosvenor Caving Club:

Newsletter: Issues: 143-147 (July 2008/January 2010)

Mendip Caving Group:

MCG News Nos. 359-360 (Nov 2009 - Feb 2010)

* National Caving Association:

Radon Underground (1996)

* National Speleological Society:

Large collection of "Journals", "Bulletins" and "News" dating from 1988 to 2009 (almost a complete set)

Thank you David St. Pierre.

Northern Mine Research Society:

British Mining No. 89 - The Metalliferous Mines of Cartmel and South Lonsdale (2010) - by Max Moseley

Societa Speleologica Italiana:

Speleologia, NO. 60: Anno XXX - (Giugno 2009)

Societe Speleologique de Wallonie:

Regards No. 71- Speleo info - (2009)

South Wales Caving Club:

Newsletter 126.

SWETC Caving Club:

50th. Anniversary Souvenir Issue: Vol. 17 No. 1 (2008)

Westminster Speleological Group:

Newsletter No. 2009/4 (October 2009)


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Other Books and Publications recently received:

* = (donated)

* Jim Puttrell: Pioneer Climber & Cave Explorer - J. P. Craddock (2009)

Roughton Gill and the mines of the Caldbeck Fells - Ian Tyler ((2009)

The Gunpowder Mills of Cumbria - Ian Tyler (2010)

2008 Crete Expedition Report (Red Rose Cave and Pothole Club / White Rose Pothole Club)

Yorkshire Geology, Paul Ensom (2009)

Living in Darkness - Stephanie Jutta Schwabe (2009)

* Manual of U.S. Cave Rescue Techniques - Second edition 1996

* The Cave of the Petralonian Archanthropinae, Rick Jaffe (Greece - 1982)

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Recent new DVD, Video and CD-ROM:


Barbondale: Photographs to accompany a lecture by Andrew Walsh on the "Caves of Barbondale" (Hidden Earth Conference 2008)

Easegill Survey Data:

Latest update of current survey (December 2008)

Digitized Surveys:

CD of digitized surveys - RRCPC surveys appearing in Journals 1-10 (1960-1997)

The Red Bus Trip to India:

CD and notes on British Speleological Expedition to India 1970.

Photograpohs and notes from Lecture presented at BCRA Conference "Hidden Earth 2008" by Jim Newton


The Underground Eiger

Caving is a Serious Buisness (Sid Perou / BPC)



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Cave Surveys added to library:

Easegill Caverns:

- Sheet 3. Snail Cavern to Holbeck Junction - Scale 1:750 (2006) see: For Sale

- Special Sheet Trident Series - County Pot - Scale 1:200 (2006) see: For Sale

Also available: Sheet 1 (LANCASTER HOLE)

Sheet 2 - SOLD OUT (awaiting re-print) (LANCASTER HOLE: Stake Pot to Oxbow Corner)

The following new surveys

Bown Scar Cave - Littondale (1949)




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