Ron Bliss Lantern Slides - Box 1
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Scanned to Computer Unscanned Description. ( with ID of those in the picture ) Mount Slide taken by: (if not by Ron Bliss) Cave
42   1st. Waterfall Easegill Caves <name lost> Y   E
27   Alum Pot Bridge from the Dolly Tubs (Jim Eyre) Y   ALC
77   Alum Pot, Diccan Fall (Craven potholer) Y   ALC
64   Alum Pot, from Long Churn Dolly Tubs, (Ron Bliss) Y   ALC
11   Angel Wing, Mineret (Jim Eyre) Y   L
6   Brown Gill Cave, (Sheila McGee, Ron Bliss, Gwen Birchall) Y   BG
47   Bull Pot of the Witches, (Bill Leyland, Barry Metcalf, Sheila McGee, Jim Eyre) Y   BPW
54   Bull Pot of the Witches, (Tom Sykes in chamber) Y   BPW
52   Bull Pot of the Witches, Chamber 32 <discovered 1932> (Tom Sykes) Y   BPW
7   Carrot Chamber, Easegill (Bill Leyland) Y   E
95   Cartoon 1 Y   C
55   Cartoon 2 Y   C
73   Cartoon 3 Y   C
60   Cartoon 4 Y   C
14   Cartoon 6, the novice Y   C
78   Cartoon 7, the ladder Y   C
97   Cartoon 8, missed me (Jim Eyre) Y   C
28   Cartoon 9, the end Y   C
91   Collenade Columns and caver Y   L
9   Collenades, Lancaster Hole, 1952 (Colin Bland) Y   L
34   Collenades, Lancaster Pot Y   L
10   Cornes Cavern, Lancaster Pot Y Dr Aspin L
20   Crystal Pools, Easter Cavern Y   E
50   Dolly Tubs Pitch Alum Pot (Gilbert Bradshaw - Bert) Y   ALC
66   Dow Cave Kettlewell (Bert Bradshaw) Y   DC
26   Dr Bannisters Handbasin, Upper Long Churn (Barry Metcalf) Y   ALC
65   Dripstone in Fall Pot, Lancaster Hole 1952 (Bill Leyland with ) Y   L
1   Easegill Y   E
48   Easegill Master Cave, Red Rose and Pennine CC (Pete Kichen) Y   E
36   Easter Cavern, Easegill Y   E
19   Easter Cavern, Easegill (Tom Sykes) Y   E
21   Eureka Pich, "Ignorance Bliss" (Ron Bliss on 20' ladder) Y   E
23   Fairy Steps, Nagasaki (Jim Eyre, Bill Leyland) Y   E
41 Festival Cavern, Easegill Anemolites Y   E
15   Festival Grotto, formations in gritstone Y   E
44   Final Chamber Dow Cave Kettlewell (Bert Bradshaw) Y   DC
71   Fissure Cave Y   FC
69   Formation, Easter Cavern, Easegill Y   E
86   Formations in Spout Hall, now damaged Y   E
53   Friers Crag, Windermere Y   FC
67   Gaping Gill Y   GG
70   Gaping Gill Area Map Y   GG
63   Gordale Scar Y   GS
25   Goydon Pot Nidderdale, (George Cornes, Bert Bradshaw and girlfriend) Y   GP
3   Graveyard <Ron's first cave photo> (Jim Eyre, Wilf Taylor, Bill Leyland) Y   L
49   Green and Smelly (Ron Bliss) Y   E
43   Gypsum Cavern, pattern on rock layers Y   E
96   Gypsum Cavern, pattern on rock layers - 1 Y   L
82   Gypsum Cavern, pattern on rock layers - 2 Y   L
90   Haleiden Stals in Monster Cave Y   L
89   Hull Pot Y   HP
32   Ingleborough Cave, Arnold's Hut Y   IC
38 Ingleborough evening Y   I
99   Ireby Cave, bottom passage <flash> Y   IC
33   Lancaster Hole entrance fixed ladder, near bottom Y   L
12   Leck Fell and Casterton Fell map Y   LF
51   Leck Fell un-named cave Y G. Cornes LF
30   Main Line Terminus Y   L
61   Marble Steps Cave map Y   MS
93   Marble Steps pitch, trees (Bill Leyland left, Wilf Taylor) Y   MS
80   Master Cave Y ? E
92   Monster Cave, Palace, Gypsum Cavern (Tom Sykes, Ron Bliss) Y   L
5   Monster Cavern (Walter NPC asleep on floor Y   L
88   Montague Cave West near Bob's Boss (Jim Eyre) Y   L
45   Nagasaki Cavern (Eric Holland, Jim Eyre) Y   E
76   Nidderdale Cave areas Y   N
79   Oxford Pot (Jim Eyre, Bill Leyland) Y   O
16   Oxford Pot anemolites, Plumbers Nightmare Y   O
40 Oxford Pot formations, Spout Hall Y ? O
17   Oxford Pot, 50' pitch <slide damaged> (Bill Leyland) Y   O
4   Oxford Pot, New Passage - "Ignorance is Bliss" Y   E
46   Oxford Pot, New Passage - "Ignorance is Bliss" Y   O
75   Passage to Gypsum Caves, Lancaster Pot Y   L
59   Penyghent caves map Y   P
18   Platypus Junction (Jim Eyre) Y   E
98   Portcullis Passage 2 (John Pierce) Y G.Cornes E
87   Portcullis Passage Y G.Cornes E
2   Portcullis Passage, Lancaster Pot, (Jim Eyre, Harry Bewes, Pete Kitchen) Y   L
22   Rosy Sink, T-piece team (NPC, Bert Bradshaw, Bill Leyland, Dr Aspin) Y   RS
57   Sell Gill 1951 (Tom Sykes) Y   SG
24   Sell Gill, 1st pitch 1951 (Tom Sykes) Y   SG
72   Sell Gill, 3rd pitch wire ladder 1951 (Tom Sykes) Y   SG
85   Slaughter House Passage (Bill Leyland) Y   E
56   Smokey Hole, Leck Fell (Bill Leyland) Y   SH
58   Stop Pot (Bill leyland seated, one standing) Y   E
84   Swindon Hole, Ice Palace 1950 (George Cornes) Y   SH
8   Thackery Passage Y   E
100   Thackery's Passage Y   E
29   Thackery's Passage (G.Thackery) Y   E
35   Thornton Foss Y   TF
39 Tricor boots, opposite side of Easegill (Ron Bliss) Y   E
62   Trident Passage Junction, moving rock Y   E
13 Unknown Y   U
37 Unknown Y   U
94   Un-named cave (John Pierce) Y G.Cornes U
83   Un-named cave (Ron Bliss, Tom Sykes, Bill Leyland + another) Y   U
68   Un-named cave <flash> (Norman Dunnington) Y ? U
74   Un-named caver with flash Y ? U
81   Un-named, meeting old cars Y   U
31   Water cut, Easegill Casterton Fell above Oxford Pot Y   CF
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